Racial Equity Statement

WithinReach believes that all families deserve to be healthy. We acknowledge that race is the leading predictor of health disparities in our community, and that structural racism intentionally limits opportunities for people of color. WithinReach recognizes that equity work is an ongoing journey and, therefore, is committed to building a multi-ethnic, anti-racist, inclusive organization. The following principles guide our commitment to eliminating institutional racism in our programs, policies and practices:

  • Address racism and oppression
  • Acknowledge the influence of privilege and implicit bias
  • Apply an equity mindset
  • Be inclusive and collaborative
  • Promote diversity
  • Recognize and acknowledge shared experience
  • Practice transparency and accountability
  • Be an advocate and ally


Our Vision

Healthy, vibrant communities in Washington where all families have the opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

WithinReach builds pathways to make it easier for Washington families to navigate complex health and social service systems and connect with the resources they need to be healthy and safe.

Our Strategic Plan Priority related to Health Equity

WithinReach strives to improve overall health and health equity in our state, making it easier for all families to access and benefit from the health resources and community supports they need to thrive.