April 27, 2021

WithinReach Makes a Difference by Supporting People’s Quarantine Needs

A program created by the state Department of Health (DOH) and partners to support people who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 has reached almost 13,500 people, and played a role in saving lives.

DOH launched Care Connect Washington in December to get services and support to people who need them in order to quarantine or isolate at home. Through the program, regional networks of community-based partners connect clients to services they are eligible for, such as medication delivery, health care, help applying for unemployment, local housing agencies, food banks, childcare providers, personal care items and more.

WithinReach is one of the partners helping with these statewide response efforts. Our amazing Care Coordinators – Anya, Megan, Russell, Munif, Christopher, Diana, Tristan, Christine, Cameron, Erin, Cindy and Hawa (and their supervisors Noé and Stephanie) – have been instrumental in piloting, growing and enhancing Washington’s Care Connect program.

“This team brings incredible passion and commitment to serving our community in some of the hardest hit areas of our state,” said Maricruz Sanchez, Manager of Health & Nutrition Programs at WithinReach. “Through it all, they have shown up with open hearts and open ears, reaching out daily to individuals and families faced with hardships exacerbated by the pandemic, offering kindness, compassion and every tool and resource at their disposal to help these folks stay healthy and meet their basic needs.”

The Care Connect program is an extension of the work we’ve done for many years, but with a focus on helping communities and families impacted by the pandemic. Our Care Coordinators have expertise in local community resources as well as knowledge about statewide benefit programs such as WIC, SNAP and Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). This means our team is able to help families with immediate needs and also enroll them in long-term safety net programs that address concerns around hunger, health and financial stability.

Critical to WithinReach’s model is the follow-up offered by our team. They reach out to people to check-in with them and ask if their needs were met or whether they ran into any gaps or barriers while seeking assistance. It’s also important to us that families receive assistance from a culturally and linguistically competent team.

When we make it possible for people to stay home, we are not only helping them – we are slowing the spread of the virus in our communities. You can learn more about Care Connect on the DOH website.