In 1988, we asked ourselves one simple question: How can we make sure every mom and baby get the best start possible? At that moment, above all, we realized that finding help is hard for families in need, and that’s still an issue today. Throughout our journey, we have continued to ask the critical questions necessary to help address the root causes of poor health. In 30 years of service, we have worked hard to adapt our services to meet our clients’ changing needs, while always keeping one question in mind: What will work best for the families and communities we serve?

Here are some highlights from our history of helping Washington families thrive.

First Decade: 1988-1998

1988: We began as Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, starting with one hotline and serving new mothers in Washington. From our early beginnings to today, we have been committed to doing work that directly addresses community need.

1994: We convened the Immunization Action Coalition of Washington, which focuses on minimizing the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases through the use of immunizations.

1995: We began housing the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, which championed equitable access to supports and worked to promote a supportive environment for breastfeeding.

Second Decade: 1998-2008

2006: We developed our groundbreaking website,, to create a place online where parents could easily find the resources and information they needed for their families.

2006: We rebranded from Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies to WithinReach, a name that reflected our commitment to bringing essential health and nutrition resources within reach for all families and residents of Washington.

2008: Our team started doing in-person outreach, called Bridge to Basics. We used mobile technology so that families at food banks, libraries and community centers could find the resources, when, how and where they needed them.

Third Decade: 2008-2018

2010: WithinReach launched Help Me Grow in Washington. With this free program, families had the resources to give their kids the best start in life possible and ensure they were developing on track.

2013: Through the new Affordable Care Act, we helped thousands of Washington families navigate and enroll in affordable health coverage, many for the first time.

2017: We implemented social needs screening for all clients. By understanding the daily challenges each family faces, our work and the systems we help create are more equitable and holistic for all families.


WithinReach helps 285,000 families gain access to essential health resources and community supports. We work with partners and policymakers to improve community health and social service systems for all Washington families. Whether it’s in person, over the phone through our hotlines, or via online support, you’ll find WithinReach there.