We advocate for long-lasting health solutions so that all children, families and communities may flourish.

We Believe, So We Act

We believe all families deserve to be healthy. WithinReach leads a collaborative effort with key partners, providers and policy-makers to connect community health and social service systems together so that we can serve families better. By identifying the barriers and inefficiencies in these systems, we are able to build policies that improve the whole system.

Legislative Priorities

Driven to break down barriers that prevent families from living healthy lives, WithinReach advocates for public policy and budget matters that directly improve health outcomes for Washington families. We strive to be a powerful voice in Olympia with elected officials in every corner of the state. Our legislative priorities this year include:

Top priority: Building a Help Me Grow System in Washington

Many kids face barriers that hinder their health, development and learning opportunities. Our top priority for the 2020 legislative session is to build and enhance Help Me Grow Washington statewide and integrate Help Me Grow with the early learning system in Washington. Help Me Grow is a family linkage system that works together with a network of communities across Washington to create a resource grid of services and supports. Help Me Grow listens to families, links them to services and provides ongoing support. The Help Me Grow Washington network represents an ever-growing, powerful coalition of communities and individuals invested in an ambitious and resourceful early childhood system that optimally serves all families and children.

immunization rates

We support improving immunization rates in Washington, including funding foundational public health services and finding new and innovative ways to increase immunization rates, and we oppose efforts that would weaken existing immunization law.

Improving access to
healthy foods

We support efforts to increase access to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables for people who struggle to afford nutritious foods, including beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. We also support efforts to ensure access to healthy beverages in kids’ meals at restaurants and fast food establishments.

Ensure access to physical and behavioral health care

We oppose efforts to roll back existing health coverage and support finding solutions that ensure all Washingtonians have access to both physical and behavioral health care services.

How We Help

Learn more about how we serve families, strengthen communities and advocate for change.