January 16, 2020

Check out Our New Annual Report!

Each day, we work with purpose at WithinReach. With your support, we make the vital connections families need to be healthy and safe. We are delighted to share our 2018-2019 Annual Report with you, in recognition of the milestones and highlights that you helped make possible this year.

As we reflect on our work, we see a year filled with growth – in our board, leadership, work capacity and in meeting the needs of our communities. We continued to grow our team, develop new leadership capacity, and strengthen our organizational culture.

We know that a key part of serving people in our communities involves engaging with their network of providers. In that spirit, this year, we began a new and exciting body of work with King County’s Best Starts for Kids and other partners. This work plays a powerful role in creating a high-performing health and child development workforce to better serve children and families.

Lasting social impact springs from community conversation and action. It was exciting to launch our inaugural Learning Series event on health equity in May. We convened this community forum so we could learn how to better build equitable solutions and practices that empower all families. The event was both engaging and informative, and positioned WithinReach as a frontrunner on this important public health topic.

And still, our work is far from done, as too many families struggle to find pathways to health and hope. We look forward to the year ahead – to new conversations and connections that help all families thrive. Thank you for your continued support in all ways!

Click here for the WithinReach 2018-2019 Annual Report.