June 5, 2020

Black Lives Matter: We Stand in Solidarity

WithinReach stands in solidarity with Black communities, leaders and organizations in response to injustice and actions to end police violence.

We acknowledge and are outraged by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and the deaths of many other Black lives lost to the ongoing racial oppression in our country. Many of us, most importantly our Black communities, friends, families and neighbors, are overwhelmed by a sense of outrage, pain, anger, grief and confusion.

The blatant structural racism and injustice ingrained into our nation’s history and way of life are undeniable. Long-standing racial oppression creates inequities of all kinds for people of color – Black lives, most of all. At WithinReach, we care deeply about removing the inequities that Black families, children and communities face.

The COVID-19 pandemic provides yet another clear illustration of the social, health and economic disparities experienced by Black people. COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll on Black lives, where Black people are dying at rates higher than their proportion of the population, and in some states, Black deaths are more than 50% above what would be expected.

Today, however, as a public health issue, we recognize the greatest disparity of all – the unparalleled trauma and death of Black lives by police violence and a racist law enforcement system. We stand together, to help dismantle the hate, discrimination and “othering” that perpetuates this horrendous reality.

We remain committed to racial equity, as described in our racial equity statement, and we encourage you to stand with us. Until Black lives are valued and all systems are held accountable for equity and justice, we fail.

We urge our supporters, partners and friends to also stand in solidarity and show support for Black communities by educating yourself about the history of racism, the current racial landscape, and how you can be an anti-racist. Additionally, learn about and support organizations, such as Reclaim the Block, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Black Lives Matter and many more, who are committed to racial justice and creating safer spaces for Black communities to thrive.

Standing together, we must create communities where Black people have the same opportunity to belong, feel safe and thrive.